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Figure Services

The difference between a sloppy figure and one that is really well made can be all the difference in the world in getting your manuscript accepted or your grant funded. Yet we all know that making high-quality, visually appealing figures is painstaking work that requires attention to detail and quite a bit of time. And time is usually something that you just don’t have enough of. We can help. At Clarity in Science Editing and Writing, we can take your source files and generate high-quality, publication-ready graphics and present your data in the most compelling and visually appealing way. Just tell us for what purpose you are using the figure (grant, publication with target journal, or PowerPoint presentation for a talk), and upload your data files here. We’ll take care of the rest. We charge only $100/hour for services by experienced scientists with outstanding graphics skills. To get started with your graphics project, just email us at

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