Clarity in Science Editing and Writing

Manuscript editing

You know your science is good – really good.  You want to get it published in the best possible journal you can.  But you could use some help making sure that you’ve expressed yourself well, too.  Maybe English is not your first language.  Or maybe it just wasn’t your best subject in school.  No worries! We’re here to help.

When you send your manuscript to Clarity in Science Editing and Writing, we provide a premium, high-quality edit, correcting grammatical errors, improving flow, and addressing any issues of logic and coherence. All of our edits are performed with the “track changes” function in MS Word, so you can see just what we’ve changed and decide for yourself whether to accept our suggestions or not. In addition, our expert editors can format your manuscript for the journal you select. We can also help (within reason) reduce word counts when you’ve overshot the limit for the journal you’ve chosen.

Hiring an editor is now a common practice, and many top scientists are already doing it. Think about it.  You wouldn’t hesitate to send your manuscript to your colleague down the hall or across the country to get his opinion.  Now you can get detailed corrections and edits from an experienced editor you can trust to help you put your work into the best possible light.

The cost is very reasonable: just $100 per 1000 words. Compare that to other services’ premium edit prices.

If you’re ready to give Clarity in Science a try, click here to upload your manuscript and see what we can do for you.  You won’t be disappointed. Have questions, or want to discuss your project with us before committing? Just contact us at