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Technical Writing

Sometimes you want more than just an edit. You are really busy.  We understand.  We’ve been there. If you have a paper that needs to be written but you just have not had the time to write it yet, we can help. Whether the paper is mostly written, partially written, or you only have the figures, we can take what you have and provide you with a publication-quality manuscript in a timely fashion.

The process is simple, and we will communicate back and forth with you via email throughout the process to ensure that we are giving you exactly what you want.  At a minimum, all you need to provide is the figures for your paper in their final form.

With each figure, we ask you to provide three bulleted lists:

1) what does this figure say? (i.e., what does the data show?)

2) what does the data mean? Statements of impact or importance for the field as a whole go here.  And finally,

3) what does a reader have to know beforehand to understand this figure? 

We also ask you to provide an endnote library with appropriate references for us to use. Be sure to include your own prior publications, as one of the best ways to increase citations of your work is to be sure you cite yourself! (Clarity in Science also keeps track of these citations and when appropriate, will cite you in other clients’ manuscripts, pushing up your citations even more!)

There is nothing wrong with hiring a technical writer to make the draft of the manuscript for you, as long as you provide acknowledgment of the service in your acknowledgments. You may have heard negative comments about “ghost writers,” but that is not what we are doing here. Clarity in Science won’t be a ghost – you will simply state in the acknowledgments “Technical writing services provided by Clarity in Science Editing and Writing.” It’s that simple, and when you do that, there is absolutely no ethical issue.

Technical writing is also not expensive. We charge just $100/hour for an experienced scientist to write that draft of your manuscript for you. And of course, the language will meet our standards for outstanding expression and grammar.

So, if you are ready to finally get that project off the back burner, email us at to discuss your project and get started.

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